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I work with people that want to challenge themselves to grow into their best version.

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I assume that you are searching for a coach and trying to do your best to find one that is credible. I want to use this space to give you insight into my credibility and professional background. First, I’ll share that I do not work with everyone. Only those that are a good fit.

My work brings in a new perspective blending coaching with key aspects of holistic mental wellness. I have over a decade of experience in the realm of clinical counseling. My work has been featured on improving your mental health and quality of life has been featured on radio, television, magazines, and podcasts. A few noteworthy features include HuffPost, News2, Yahoo, Podcast, Book publication, and ranked in his local areas in the top 3 marriage counselors.

I became a coach with the support of my clients. You see the story started with one client who reached out. They shared their story and mentioned that they wanted something different from the typical psychotherapy that is provided by a “counselor”. It was my first time working with a client outside of the “counseling” realm and into the “coaching” side.

I fell in love with coaching right away. I’m aim to show up for you and walk with you in your journey.

I love coaching because I get to work with people all over the world. Coaching allows me to blend my life and professional background in a manner that equips my clients with the tools needed to take effective action in their lives.

Custom Self-Paced Courses

Premarital Course

For couples who are planning to get married or who are already engaged and wish to build the foundation to a lasting life together.

Helping Couples With Kids Go From Stuck To Deeply Connected

For couples with kids who are having problems and seeking to improve their relationship.

Resolve Conflict and Save Your Relationship

For couples wanting to create healthy ways to respect each other and resolve conflict in your relationship

Custom Videos, Worksheets, & More

Everyone Can Benefit From Professional Guidance

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Your time and privacy are important. These courses were designed by an experienced therapist who has helped hundreds of people just like you take solid, proven steps to make their lives better quickly and for good. Your future is worth a few well targeted hours that can change your life for the better.

You made it this far, don't leave without taking the most important step!


I hold extensive experience as a licensed clinician and coach. My goal with is to show up with genuine authenticity. I am husband, father of two, and avid outdoor lover.


My services are honest and deeply connected to the work that I do. I know that you will gain ample value and positive change in your life.


Life is supposed to be enjoyable and worth living. My aim is to give you a service that is worth remembering and create true impact in your life.

About Dr. Juan Santos

I am glad you are here. Find the right coach to help you move from where you are at to where you want to be is not easy. I’m sure that you are browsing around. Reading and trying to make the right choice. I get it! 

I bring together over a decade of clinically experience into the coaching space. This means that we can go deep while implementing effective habits and strategies into your life.

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